cockroach gel uae , Cockroaches are pests that quickly invade our environment, causing disgust and anxiety. Not only do they carry diseases, they are also highly resistant, which makes getting rid of them complicated.

To overcome these invaders, it is necessary to choose an effective treatment. Faced with the large number of products available on the market, it is not always easy to determine the best anti-cockroach gel.

In this article, the 8 best types of cockroach gel in the UAE. Moreover, we will give you the criteria that you should consider to make an informed decision and we will give you our opinion about the best performing gels.

The 8 best types of cockroach gel uae

1- Goliath anti-cockroach gel

cockroach gel uae
cockroach gel uae

Description and characteristics

  • Effectiveness: Goliath gel is considered the best anti-cockroach gel on the market. cockroach gel uae is very effective against all types of cockroaches.
  • Formula: Its highly attractive recipe means that cockroaches prefer it over other foods and food waste.
  • Fast action: Once these harmful insects absorb it, they are eliminated immediately and the product works within a few hours.
  • Cascading effect: Goliath gel eliminates cockroaches permanently within a few days thanks to its cascading effect.
  • Odorless and non-staining: This gel is odorless and does not stain surfaces.
  • Ease of use: In the form of an injection, it is applied in small drops with a few squeezes on hot and humid areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).
  • Versatility: A 35 gram tube of Goliath Gel can treat a large apartment, home or business several times a year.

Instructions for use

  • Protect yourself with disposable gloves.
  • Check places that serve as a haven for cockroaches.
  • Clean these areas to reduce cockroach food sources.
  • Apply the gel in small drops out of reach of hands and food.
  • If cockroaches still appear after two weeks, reuse Goliath anti-cockroach gel.

Pros and cons

Benefits of Goliath Gel

  • The most powerful cockroach repellent product
  • Effective and fast results within 24 to 48 hours
  • Available for sale in many online stores
  • Goliath Gel is easy to use, simply apply a few drops of the product to the affected areas.
  • cockroach gel uae The Goliath Gel Cartridge is durable and can be used multiple times, making it an economical choice.
  • Goliath Gel is odorless and non-volatile.
  • The gel is brown in colour, odorless and non-flammable.
  • One drop of 0.03 grams of gel can kill 1000 cockroaches in just 5 days.
  • A 35 gram cartridge can kill 1,000,000 cockroaches.

Disadvantages of Goliath Gel

  • Goliath gel can be toxic to pets such as cats, so it is important to take precautions when using the product.
  • The product may lose its effectiveness if cockroaches are exposed to it for a long time, so it is recommended to change the product every few years.
  • Treatment with cockroach gel uae Goliath Gel does not guarantee complete elimination of cockroaches, so it is possible that new cockroaches may appear in the future.
  • The price of Goliath gel may be high compared to other cockroach control products available in the market.
  • Goliath Gel is not suitable for all types of cockroaches, it may be necessary to use another product for some types of cockroaches.
  • Fipronil, the active ingredient in Goliath gel, is dangerous if not used according to recommendations.

2- Volcano anti-cockroach gel

Description and characteristics:

  • Objective: Volcano Anti-cockroach Gel aims to get rid of all cockroaches by contaminating the entire nest.
  • Preventive and therapeutic: This product can be used preventively and therapeutically to eliminate cockroaches.
  • Gravity: Volcano gel contains attractive factors that attract cockroaches located at a distance of one meter, which facilitates the process of eliminating them.
  • Instructions for use: It is recommended to read the instructions carefully before use to apply the gel correctly.
  • Active ingredient: The gel contains acetimiprid at a rate of 10 grams/kg, which is a substance that eliminates cockroaches.
  • Available in a 30 gram syringe: Volcano Gel is available in a 30 gram syringe to facilitate its application in affected areas.

directions :

  • Protect yourself with gloves and other necessary safety equipment.
  • Apply lentil-sized drops of gel to areas likely to harbor cockroaches (corners, cracks, baseboards, behind appliances, ducts, pipes, electrical cabinets) and hot, damp, dark areas.
  • Adapt doses according to building configuration and degree of infestation, without treating areas that are regularly cleaned.

Pros and cons


  • An effective cockroach gel uae to eliminate cockroaches
  • Long-term work for 3 months
  • Similar composition to more expensive professional gels
  • easy to use
  • Effective in the long term


  • Not effective for some clients
  • May stain furniture
  • It requires patience before seeing results
  • Not all insects may be killed

3- Magnum cockroach gel uae

cockroach gel uae
cockroach gel uae

Description and characteristics

  • Purpose: Magnum Cockroach Gel is a gel insecticide that targets German, Oriental, and American cockroaches including adults and nymphs.
  • Innovative formulation: This product uses a unique formulation technology that delays the action of imidacloprid, thus preventing the insect from recognizing the source of its poisoning. This allows for more complete and effective control without having to extend the treatment time.
  • Composition: Magnum Cockroach Gel contains 2.15% Imidacloprid and 0.008% Bitrix for long-lasting action and additional protection.
  • Packaging: The product is delivered in a 40g syringe, accompanied by a pusher, plastic needle and detailed instructions for easy and precise use.
  • Safety: The gel contains the bitter substance Bitrix to protect pets and children from accidentally consuming it.


  • Follow the detailed instructions included in the package to apply the gel precisely and safely.
  • Apply the gel to areas where cockroaches are likely to be present, taking care to avoid areas that are cleaned regularly.
  • The gel is economical and very effective thanks to a special nutritional formula that attracts cockroaches.

Pros and cons

Benefits of Magnum Gel

  • Effective product against cockroaches
  • easy to use
  • Effective in a short time
  • odorless
  • Visible results quickly

Disadvantages of Magnum Gel

  • Requires continuous reapplication (maximum 1 week)
  • The price is high
  • Results vary depending on the condition
  • Regular replenishment is required to maintain effectiveness

4-cockroach gel uae – Max Force Gel

cockroach gel uae
cockroach gel uae

Description and characteristics

  • Objective: Maxforce Gel FC Select is an anti-pest product from Bayer, specially designed to permanently eliminate cockroaches in houses, houses, apartments and professional premises (bakeries, butchers, etc.).
  • RECOGNIZED EFFECTIVENESS: This anti-cockroach gel is frequently used by pest control professionals thanks to its effectiveness and ease of use.
  • SIMPLE AND QUICK APPLICATION: The gel is presented as a 30g syringe, ready to use, with needle, pusher and application instructions. Simply apply it in small drops, especially in the kitchen and water sources to kill cockroaches within a few days.
  • Working principle: Maxforce Gel attracts cockroaches with its great taste and spreads the active ingredient (fipronil) inside the colony. Then a snowball effect kills the adults and then the nymphs.
  • Lifespan and performance: The gel is attractive, odorless and allows you to treat a large area multiple times. A 30g tube can treat between 25 to 30 homes depending on their surface area, providing protection against the return of cockroaches for two years. After application, the gel remains active for 4 to 5 months.
  • Active ingredient: Fipronil 0.01%. Toxicological classification: unclassified.

Usage tips

  • Use biocides with caution and follow instructions for use carefully.
  • For frequent and more precise use, consider using application guns.

Advantages of Maxforce® Prime Shab Angel 30g

  • Very effective against several types of insects
  • Easy application thanks to its tip
  • Product quality is good
  • Fast and long lasting action
  • Suitable for preventive use

Disadvantages of Maxforce® Prime Shab Angel 30g

  • Not effective against carpenter ants
  • The tube size is considered too small by some users
  • The price may be high for some consumers

5- Advion cockroach gel uae

cockroach gel uae
cockroach gel uae

Description and characteristics

category Information
  • Active ingredient: 0.6% indoxacarb
  • Objectives Cockroaches
  • Marketing Authorization (AMM) AMM Biocide No. FR-2011-0001 (professional use)
  • Type of wording Ready-to-use gel (RB)

ADVION cockroach gel uae  is a revolutionary bio-activated insecticide gel designed to effectively combat cockroach populations. Thanks to the innovative active ingredient, indoxacarb, this product works in a unique way: it is activated by the insect itself after ingestion. Bioactivation ensures safe treatment and minimal impact on non-target organisms.

This gel also has the advantage of horizontal transfer: having consumed the gel, cockroaches return to the nest and produce anal secretions and regurgitation that are palatable to other cockroaches, leading to secondary and tertiary mortality.   ADVION® cockroach gel uae is the first scientifically proven Phase III kill gel.


  • Before using the product, it is recommended to review the technical data sheet and safety data sheet for use precautions and safety information.
  • Identify cockroach infestation areas (presence of droppings, traces of traffic, etc.).
  • Apply the gel in small drops of about 0.1 gram (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations) in places where cockroaches are observed or likely to pass through (corners, behind appliances, under sinks, etc.).
  • Monitor the treated areas regularly and reapply the gel if necessary, taking into account the progression of the infection.
  • In case of severe infection, it is possible to increase the amount of gel applied or treat additional areas.

Store cockroach gel uaein a cool, dry place, away from light and out of the reach of children and pets.

6-cockroach gel uae: Tiscade 

Description and characteristics

  • Product name Teskad® Cockroach Killer
  • Product type Highly concentrated and powerful insecticide gel
  • amount 35g cartridge
  • Effective Material Imidacloprid 2.15% w/w
  • Objectives German cockroach (Blattella germanica) – nymph and adult stages

Teskad® Cockroaches Buster is a professional, highly powerful and concentrated insecticide, specially designed to eliminate cockroaches . This cockroach gel uae is offered as a 35 gram injection and contains imidacloprid, an active insect killer, and a food ingredient that is very palatable to cockroaches. Gel drops remain active and effective for at least two months.


  • Before treatment, tidy and clean the area (without using bleach) and isolate all food sources that attract cockroaches (sugar, coffee, spices, food, etc.).
  • Open the anti-cockroach gel, thread the needle provided on the tip of the anti-cockroach gel, remove the cap from the back of the gel if there is a cap and insert the pusher.
  • Apply the gel in small drops (0.1 g/m2 for mild infestation, 0.2 g/m2 for severe infestation) on hot and damp areas (appliance motors, under the sink, pipes, garbage cans, electric meter, etc.). And in rooms where insects are present (in dark, hot and humid rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom).
  • After two weeks, reapply the gel to the same places.
  • Wear protective gloves when applying the product.
  • Use biocidal products with caution. Before use, read the label and product information.

7-  cockroach gel uae : Gel Prism

  • Product name Prism Gel (formerly Prism Cockroach Gel)
  • Product type Insecticide gel
  • amount 30g tube
  • Effective Material Imidacloprid 2.15%
  • Objectives Cockroaches
  • an act Quick fight against invasion
  • Application areas Treatment of buildings and equipment for the transportation of products of plant and animal origin (POV & POA) Disinfection of buildings and equipment necessary for the collection and transportation of garbage and waste
  • Supplements Pusher and cannula (supplied with gel)
  • strength point odorless

It consists of chloronicotinyl-nitroguanidine molecules,cockroach gel uae  which act at the level of postsynaptic receptors and thus significantly reduce the phenomenon of resistance.


  • Before treatment, the area must be cleaned and tidied, and all food sources that attract cockroaches should be isolated.
  • Unscrew the cap of the Prism Gel tube, screw the supplied cannula onto the tip of the tube and insert the pusher into the back.
  • Apply the gel in small drops in areas infested with cockroaches, preferably in warm and humid places (appliance motors, under the sink, pipes, garbage cans, electric meter, etc.), as well as rooms where insects are present (dark, hot and dark). Wet rooms such as kitchen and bathroom).
  • For a more precise and simple application, you can purchase an application gun.
  • Wear protective gloves when applying the product.
  • Use biocidal products with caution. Before use, read the label and product information.

8- Degreen Gel

Description and characteristics

Valuable information
  • Product name Degrin anti-cockroach gel
  • Degreen brand
  • amount 10 grams
  • Composition Imidacloprid 2.15%
  • Objectives Cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches, mold
  • Removal Adults and eggs
  • Features: cockroach gel uae  Works against all types of cockroaches, simple, subtle, colorless and odorless, ideal for sensitive places (schools, nurseries, healthcare institutions, etc.).
  • Supplements Supplied with a pusher and cannula (“tiny needle”)
  • Duration of effectiveness Up to three months of outdoor effectiveness


  • Before treatment, the area must be cleaned and tidied, and all food sources that attract cockroaches should be isolated.
  • Remove the cap from the tube of DIGRAIN Anti-cockroach Gel, then screw on the cannula provided on the end of the tube.

Tips for optimal use of cockroach gel uae

Preparing the area to be treated

To ensure maximum effectiveness of cockroach gel uae , it is important to properly prepare the area to be treated. Start by cleaning and tidying the area, eliminating food sources and areas of standing water that could attract these pests. It is also recommended to isolate food, close garbage bags, and seal cracks and other openings through which cockroaches can enter.1 

Apply the gel following the manufacturer’s instructions

Once the area is prepared, it is necessary to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the anti-cockroach gel. In general, it is recommended to apply small drops of gel at regular intervals in places where cockroaches are likely to hide, such as appliance drives, baseboards, dark corners, pipes, and cabinets. Remember to use the accessories provided with the product, such as cannulas and pushers, to facilitate gel application.

Monitor and evaluate effectiveness

After applying the gel, it is important to monitor the treated area to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. You should notice a decrease in the number of cockroaches after a few days. If not, it may be necessary to reapply the gel or try another product. In any case, do not hesitate to consult a pest control professional for advice appropriate to your situation.

Prevention of re-infection

Finally, to prevent cockroaches from appearing again, it is necessary to take preventive measures. Keep areas clean and dry, eliminate food and water sources, and seal cracks and openings through which pests can enter. In addition, it may be a good idea to conduct regular inspections to quickly detect any new infections and act accordingly.

Criteria to consider when choosing cockroach gel uae

To choose the right cockroach gel uae for your situation, it is important to take into consideration certain criteria that will help you make a wise decision.

Its effectiveness against different types of cockroaches

There are several types of cockroaches, and some are more resistant to insecticides than others. It is therefore necessary to choose a gel capable of effectively eliminating species present in your environment, by familiarizing yourself with the product composition and the opinions of users who have encountered similar infections.

work time

The gel’s action time is also an important criterion. Some products work quickly, in just a few hours, while others may take several days to completely eliminate cockroaches. Choose a gel with a quick action time to limit pest infestation and quickly return to a healthy home.

Moisture resistant

Cockroaches are often attracted to damp areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is therefore essential to choose a moisture-resistant gel to ensure optimal effectiveness in these conditions.

Ease of use and application

The easy-to-use and apply gel will effectively treat all affected areas, including hard-to-reach corners. Choose a product whose packaging and texture are easy to apply and dose, for optimal treatment.

Safety and environmental impact

Finally, it is important to choose an cockroach gel uae whose formula poses minimal risks to your health, the health of your loved ones, and the environment. Choose products that contain less harmful ingredients, while still being effective against cockroaches. It is also necessary to respect the use and storage precautions indicated on the packaging, to ensure safe use of the product.

cockroach gel uae buying guide

Although they are living creatures, cockroaches are among the most annoying insect pests and cause the most damage to homes. During the infestation and in order to combat cockroaches, we often resort to insecticidal bombs or insect traps and baits based on boric acid and control pests of all kinds. However, among the anti-cockroach products, there are also anti-cockroach gels that present themselves as a highly effective solution to exterminate and eliminate these insects as well as their unwanted counterparts such as ants, bugs and even termites.

Do you also have a colony of cockroaches that tend to live in your home in damp corners (sinks, pipes, drains) and warm places (behind household appliances like the refrigerator)? Is disinfection, extermination, or elimination of this type of pest important to you? You will need to purchase anti-cockroach gel. But for the process to be successful, it is very important that you know how to choose the anti-cockroach product that you will use. If you do not know how, know that very specific criteria must be taken into account. With the goal of helping you keep that in mind, this guide and comparison has been created.

Why choose cockroach gel uae?

As its name suggests, cockroach gel uae is a product that you can use to eliminate cockroaches completely. It is the active ingredient present in its composition that will determine whether it is effective or not. Generally, it looks like a tube with an applicator tip that looks like a syringe. This type of ready-to-use insecticide product will allow you to get rid of cockroaches once and for all. In fact, when you apply the gel to an infested area and once the cockroaches land there, their death will be inevitable. Their nervous system is under direct attack.2 

Additionally, the best anti-cockroach gel uae  may contain active ingredients that can last for several months. Without the need to use bait, the poison will have effects when a pest dies through ingestion. When other still-living cockroaches eat the carcasses or even the droppings of a specimen that has died from frostbite, they become contaminated and die in turn. Moreover, the anti-cockroach gel kills the larvae, which means the complete end of their spread.

But the matter is not limited to that, as its use is simple and relatively safe. No special precautions are required while using it. With ease of application, gels that you place at strategic points can be applied in small amounts, the equivalent of a lens for example. In fact, the tube or bottle pusher is easy to use. Therefore, the product is discreet without losing its effectiveness. Finally, anti-cockroach gel can be used preventatively in the event of an infestation and therapeutically in the event of an infestation.




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